Aidan and Ice’s high quality jewelry should meet or exceed your expectations. However, if you are not completely satisfied with your purchased because of these following reasons:

  • The products delivered to you are incomplete or manufacturer defect
  • You have received incorrect products

We don’t have NO LIABILITY to you unless you inform us at: [email protected].

FOR EXCHANGE the item(s) to the address provided (will be provided in the email) within 2 DAYS of delivery. Please send an email to [email protected] regarding the exchange with this following information:

  • Put "EXCHANGE" on the email subject
  • Explain the reason why do you need to exchange your item (s)-
  • Products Information

Aidan and Ice team has the rights to reject your EXCHANGE request. Our Policy:

  • All products including exchange item (s) must be in the original condition and accompanied by the original receipt.
  • Damaged item (s) due to your negligence will not be accepted for refund. Aidan and Ice will not refund the cost of the item unless the item are postage and packed properly.
  • All requests will be processed after our office inspects and verifies the condition of the Products.

Returns take approximately 3 to 5 business days to process upon receipt of the item.

For Exchange: Items can only be exchanged with same value or higher value product. If you wish to exchange your item with higher value item, Aidan and Ice team will calculate the amount of your remaining balance. We will deliver the product immediately after the payment process is completed.


After two days, if there is any defect on the accessory, client will need to send us the product accompanied by the original receipt, dust bag, and repair form. Please send an email to [email protected] regarding the repair query. After we receive your repair query, we will immediately send you the “Repair Form” for you to fill and please attach the “Repair Form”, dust bag, and the original receipt when you send us the product.

A repair form must be filled in order to indicate the repair query so that Aidan and Ice repairmen team can verify its condition with the actual product. Prior to the repairmen process, Aidan and Ice will inform you the repairmen cost, in which repair charges will be determined per work and materials upon receiving of merchandise. (Client needs to attach any detachment materials from the product because due to our rare materials, Aidan and Ice can’t guarantee the availability of the lost materials.)

Product repairmen process takes approximately 4-8 weeks