Our Story
It all started with our keen passion for handicraft and well-made objects. We are deeply invested in creating a place where creativity and passion can find solid ground to take root. A place where inspiration and empowerment can flourish in order to create a real-life impact for both our craftswomen and women out there. All of that encompasses what our house, Aiden and Ice, is about: to inspire and empower through our creation. The belief that all women, coming from all aspects of life deserve a solution catered specially for them. By pouring our heart and soul, we’re creating a home to our craftswomen where they turn substance to dreams that will live forever in your closet. A tailored piece of ornament that can transform even the most austere look, into something we can be proud to wear, anywhere.

Our Product
Every single piece of our accessories is made in our home land, Indonesia, by local grown artisans consisting mostly women of all ages. We use carefully selected materials such as locally sourced fresh water pearls and high-quality crystals. Using intricate techniques passed down through generations, every Aidan and Ice creation are one-of-a-kind products that carry a personal touch in every piece. With years of traditions as inspirations, our eclectic jewelries, ranging from necklace to brooch, also reflects the modern time we live in. They can be worn and styled in different manners to elevate one’s look for any time of day. We sincerely believe our creation are meant to empower women throughout their vibrant days.

The History
It began in 2013 when Eunice and Nadia found themselves unable to find the one missing piece to complete their wardrobe. “It was so hard to find decorative jewelry to dress us every day. It was unbelievable!” said Eunice of the situation. “When in fact, we personally know a lot of women who want to look effortlessly presentable but can’t afford to spend hours just to get ready every morning,” followed Nadia. “We are blessed with many sources when it comes to handicraft. Indonesia is known for its decorative art such as batik, carving and weaving. Jewelry is just another hidden facet that is yet to be recognized, so for us, everything just fell into place.” The fruit of these thoughts was the decision by Nadia and Eunice to build a jewelry house inspired by women in their lives, incorporating Indonesia’s rich heritage, resources and techniques. Today, their creation, Aidan and Ice jewelry, can be found in fashionable retailers across the globe including Masari in Indonesia and Shop Archipelago in New York.

The Founders
Aidan and Ice was founded by two friends, Eunice and Nadia, who went to the same high school together. Upon graduating high school, Nadia went to Melbourne to continue her study, while Eunice went to Los Angeles. The pair met again in Indonesia after journeying through separate paths in life. It was serendipity that joined their path back together after all the years. While it has been a dream of Nadia to build her own accessories house, for Eunice, whose mother is a jewelry collector, jewelry has always been her first calling. It is their conviction of the transformative power an accessory can possess that brought them together and unified their dream into what is presently Aidan and Ice.