The 80's Revival

Those wild and crazy years with shoulder pads, puffed skirts, neon colors, right? To complete your 80’s vibe, you gotta do it with the right accessories, like big gold chains and massive oversized baubles is the easiest way to update your look in this direction!  These are the key trends, and Aidan and Ice’s take on it! 

Super long earrings - Obviously because it is fall! So, why not put the “Falling leaves” on your ears?


Big Hoops and Unique shapes – The bigger, the better! You’ve seen it, now its time to hoop it up!


Pearl Detail – Just like Hepburn, can’t leave the house without putting some pearl on it. This season, we mixed it up with some of our classic hardware


Color it up – What pops more than some color pop?


Chandelier Silhouette – Incase you didn’t notice, the classic silhouette is making a comeback, now with some edgy material, yaas!