Muse Of September 2017

Rachel Nathani

Let’s get to know more about her and her journey

First we would like to know more about yourself…

Rachel: So I’m all about that clean, aesthetically pleasing but functional and meaningful designs. I’m an avid branding enthusiast that strives to create great brands so make lasting impacts all over Indonesia and eventually the world. While our team is busy strategizing new brands, on the side I also am a foodie that dabbles mostly in healthy foods and new restaurants. The start of Berrywell was when I was a ride instructor, however due to a back injury; the instructing came to an end. Nonetheless the constant excitement over healthy foods remains. I tend to help my husband with ideas for his restaurants and also coming up with our very own new projects. Basically, I’m a workaholic that’s looking to make a meaningful change in this beautiful city of ours.

What major did you take in University? And Why?

Rachel: Design Management. This is basically a mixture of fine arts, graphic design and business management. I knew I had a great passion for design and strategy of design, I just did not know yet if I was eventually going to be in fashion, in corporate or in consulting like I am now. I always saw myself somewhere in the design world.

After graduated from Parson, Rachel first move after graduation was working at Papilon as a Brand Co-ordinator for all of their brands and the moved to Bates Advertising agency.

“While I was at the agency, I was creating my business plan and pitching it to my then boyfriend and my family to start it up”

How did you get your first job?

Rachel: I saw an ad online and decided to apply. And then realized I wanted to learn more about the strategy aspect of communication – hence the jump to advertising.

Before you had your first job, your first internship was at Baby Phat, the go to DMA & Be&D, how did that experience shape your career path moving forward?

Rachel: Baby Phat was a complete learning experience for me. It was my first ever job and better yet it was during the time Kimora Lee Simmons was shooting her famous TV Show “Life in the Fab Lane.” Although I only spoke to her a handful of times, it kind of opened the door to the real world and saw her as an inspiration that I could eventually make a lasting impact in an industry, like she has done. DMA was more of a marketing agency, where I was able to learn handling clients (like I do now) and presenting marketing strategies for big coroporations. Although my internship there wasn’t long – it was really what shaped where I wanted to be. Lastly Be&D was also fashion like Baby Phat, but here is where I felt the most valuable, the team was small – so I was able to work directly with the owners. They are a bag and shoe leather line, so the most interesting part was that I was able to witness and be apart of the creation of every single piece in their collections. Learning about leather, craftsmanship and even making their look books. All three jobs in New York really made me the strong person I am today.

Rachel’s Journey…

The journey starting the company was a little difficult, not a lot of people wanted to trust this young 22 year old to create their corporate communications, brand strategy and more. But I didn’t stop there, I started with close friends but eventually 2 years ago we received investment from a larger company. Then shortly after started landing MNCs such as Yamaha Coropration, AXA Mandiri, Toyota, Kanmo Retail Group, Orang Tua Group, Rose Brand, Marie Regal, History Channel and more. Even creating the brand and store experience for a few stores in the malls namely: Lily Joallerie (Pacific Place) and Wilio (Grand Indonesia)

What was one of the most difficult obstacles when you first started out in Branding and Marketing?

Rachel: First, I think it was my age and how I was approaching large corporations starting from the beginning. I had great lessons there, but didn’t stop bettering myself and what we serve as a company in order to be invited to large tenders

Secondly was managing a team, I started with me and 1 other person (who I hired), maintaining and getting the team to a group of 10 in 2014, was most challenging as Im an optimist, I would hire people based on my vision and our pitches, in order to be ready. Some months, projects would be less than they were and I was stuck with a large overhead. But of course over time, all those lessons came to great use and now we are a team of 22 people, with 3 divisions under us: Label Branding, Label WebHouse & Label Design Studio. The team is now very well oiled and structured.

Marketing and brand require long hours. Do you ever find yourself feeling burnt out and if so, how do you move past it?

Rachel: Yes, especially when we were handling 3 companies under the Yamaha Motor group, History Channel and Marie Regal at the same time. This was for social media, monthly Print Ads, communication strategy and more. There were a lot of sleepless nights with the whole team, but the key was delegation. I separated tasks quite equally so that everyone could tackle it without having too many late nights.

What qualities would you say are most important to being successful in your field?

Patience, Team Work and Good Understanding of your Client’s visions.

What have been some exciting projects you’ve worked on?

Rachel: Prost Beer (Orang Tua Group) – its quite exciting to make their print ads and key visuals. Wilio (the shoe store in Grand Indonesia), this was super fun cause we created the name, the brand stories, the overall store look and feel and its one of the projects the whole team is very proud of (check it out if you can J). And lastly I would say Marie Regal (we loved making the weekly recipe videos, photoshoots). Mostly when we believe in the product and when the client allows creative freedom, its super exciting!

Let’s do some fun questions with Rachel Nathani

Fun Facts

Coffee or Tea? - Coffee

Favorite Coffee Order? - Americano

Favorite meal time? Brunch? Lunch or Dinner? - Brunch

I wish I knew how two? - Speak more languages

Favorite Jewellery? -Aidan & Ice obviously!

Bold or Fine?- Fine

Dream vacation?- Aurora Lights in the Artic

Ideal way to spend your day off? -Lazing on my bean bag with hubby, popcorn and a tv series

Favorite outfit? - High waisted pants and a crop top

Favorite TV series? - Game of thrones!

Best branding brand? - Wilio