MUSE April 2018

Part I

Meet Kezia Tabitha Ponggawa. She was born on October 23rd, her sun may be on the starting point of Scorpio or right by the end of Libra. A Libra with a mixed of Scorpio; She represents trait from each of these two zodiac signs. Analytical mind, social nature & loyalty with a mixed of strong-willed, passion & mystery. Well let’s talk about her passion in fashion! For college, she went to London and studied fashion design with knitwear at Central Saint Martins. Decided to leave college, she immediately started engaging in the print media sector and worked her way to reach her dream job. It has always been her desire to be an editor for a lifestyle magazine. When she was 13 she set her career goal to become a fashion editor, back then she thought she was naïve “I guess I watched too many movies” said Kezia

But now look at her; she has been working in the fashion industry for more than 6 years. She reached her goal and she gets what she has been desired. For years, she was as one of the most amazing fashion magazine editor-in-chief. Well, maybe the analytical mind combined with her passion and strong-willed are actually a very good combination.

After more than 6 years working in the fashion industry, at the age of 30, she decided to shift her career to the Shipyard Industry. Kezia is now the VP of communication & Business Development Hamdok Group Indonesia.

We chatted with Kezia about her current job, her thoughts and about the reason she decided to leave her job as fashion magazine editor-in-chief!

Recent Activity

I’m involved in a company which mainly dabbles in shipyard industry. I’m currently heading the communication department as well as seeking new opportunities and developing fresh ideas to enlarge the business of our company

How did you transition from being an editor to your current job?

It has always been my desire to be an editor for a lifestyle magazine. So, after I left college, I immediately started engaging in the print media sector and eventually worked my way to reaching my career goal. But as we live in a time and place filled with opportunities, I secretly promised myself to try my luck and ‘sail my own course’ once I turn 30. So when the time came, I decided to join my husband in developing his company. We are currently exploring other exciting possibilities together. The transition process itself has been one of the most interesting journeys in my life, as mastering a new field after spending a decade specialising one particular sector is a constant learning process.

Want to know fun facts about Kezia?

From her favorite fashion season to her biggest style icon
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