She’s a new mother, and a worker. She seems very open minded and able to transfer her thoughts into a concrete actions. Throughout her career, it seems one of the biggest challenge is to balancing her work and family life. But she says no “exact method” to achieving this balance, key is letting go of “unnecessary perfectionism and believing in yourself” Because being in this situation there is no right or wrong.

Sounds tough? Alessandra speaks her mind! 

Hi Alessandra! Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I’m a newbie working mom to a 6months baby girl


2. We realized you're a new mother, congrats! What does it feel like juggling a kid, career and a marriage?

Thanks! The balancing act is fun yet challenging. But when you enjoy all your roles both as a mother or a professional, no matter how hectic or difficult the situation gets, you will love it anyway


3. How would you describe your style?

I’m not a trend-led person, i just wear whatever i like. i like to keep it simple and comfortable


4. Do you wear a lot of accessories?



5. Which would you say is your favorite color?

Grey & black


6. First 3 words that pops up when you hear the word "CUBA"

Vintage cars, dance, bold colors


7. Which of our CUBA collection is your favorite? Perhaps more than 1?

Obsessed with the entire collection, but my most favorite are Black Guayaberra & Swarovski de Cuna


8. Where is your favorite beach destination?

Bali & St. Barts


9. Which beach destination you've never been to, but is on your bucket list?

Raja Ampat and Bora Bora


10. How long have you known Aidan and Ice, and your thoughts about the brand. 

Their collections are always on point with cool design and elegant touch